Speakie Spokie

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Whappen Man?

Bumbo Claat!

Unnno wake up yet? Well sah, mi firs' post is bout the fact dat most 'mericans when dem meet me, and fine out say mi come fram yaard, the fuss ting outta dem mout is: "A wha de bumbo claat?" Den dem start to laff.

A wha kyna fuckries dat doe eh? Afta dem jump pan plane an go a yaard go have vacation and spen up dem money and smoke up de weed, nat even fi learn likkle a wi culcha? Bumbo claat is all dem pick up? What is dis mi dear?

Now me naw go be no hippokrit, becaus'n seh, me is not de best proponent of undastandin or even supportin de culcha.. yu know me have i-shoes wid de de govament and how dem treat de batty man dem, but still, dem coulda at lease learn a likkle sinting bout de place, yu know?

So, what mek me decide fi do dis?

Well, one a mi frien dem, from when mi did work at de govament TV station did use to write, at lease, mi no know if she still a do it, but she use to write one columm fi one a de paypa dem back a yard, in a patwah, or as de culchad people dem would say, "the dialect". So, while me deh a work today, de idea just pop inna me head. And den, to add insult to injury, me memba Joan Andrea Hutchinson did do one piece bout de gyal who do de tours at de hotel pon de nort coas an how she try fi speakie spokie. Dat's how me come up wid de name.

Anyhow, a time fi me go a me yard now. Me deyah from afta 8 dis mawnin an mi tyad yu see! Lawd, me coulda do wid one rundung rite about now.

Unnu tek cyare until nex time, an, walk good.